Weco Lithium 4.5Kwh (48VDC)



  • Standard 48 Vdc
  • 10 years warranty
  • Up to 3 units in parallel, total capacity of 13.2kWh
  • Floor or Wall mounted
  • 3 Independent communication ports
  • Programmable auxiliary contacts
  • Monitoring system via WEB APP CUB8 (opt.)
  • High capacity cells, up to 100% DoD
  • Designed and tested for harsh and desertic environments (Desert proof IP65)
  • Operating temperature 25% higher than STD Lithium versions.
  • Additional control sensors for extra safety
  • Programming software suitable for Windows and iOS
  • Debugging and inbuilt log memory
  • Real Time monitoring on CUB server (Opt.)
  • Real time equalization (Fast Balance) with preventive and corrective functions


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