Voltron 12KVA Wall-mount Relay Controlled Automatic Voltage Regulator(VTR11-12000-L)

Protect your valuable equipment from Damage caused by power fluctuation
6KVA Output provide enough energy to power and protect all your household electrical/Electronic devices such as Television, Refridgerator, Home Theatre, Satellite Television, Air Conditioner, Fans, Lights, Computers, Photocopier CCTV etc .

The Voltron   VTR11-6000-L is a 6KVA Relay Controlled Automatic Voltage Regulator which  with LCD Panel

Wide Input Voltage 110V-260V
High Accuracy 22V ± 1.5%
Microprocessor Controlled
High Insulation Resistance > 5M‎Ω
High Dielectric Strenght 1500V/min
Digital Monitoring using the LCD display which can show all protection functions.such as input voltage ,output voltage, temperature, delay time, loading,fault indication and so on.
Wall Mouted and beautiful  design which add to the aisthetic of the Enviroment
Advance and precise Output Voltage Regulation
Overvoltage and Undervoltage protection
Overloading Protection
Overtemprerature Protection



  • Home Appliances
  • Coumpter
  • Office equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Light system
  • Safety alarm system
  • Medical equipment
  • Copymachine
  • Numerical control machine tools
  • Industrial automation equipment
  • Color and drying equipment
  • Hi-Fi equipment


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