Victron Pure Sinewave Inverter Charger. Multiplus 24/3000/70-50

Two AC Outputs*. The main output has no-break functionality to take over supply in event of mains failure or when generator is disconnected.
The second output is live only when grid or generator is connected.
Parallel operation. Up to 6 Multiplus nits can be connected in parallel to achieve higher power output.
Three phase capability.

Lithium ion battery compatible.

PowerControl. A maximum generator or grid current can be set to avoid overloading the supply.
PowerAssist. Allows power to be taken from the battery to support the generator or grid and power peak loads.
Four stage battery charging.

5 years warranty

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Applied in the field of industrial process controls, battery charging requirements, personal computers, telecommunications, graphics displays, plating and gold recovery industries and wherever required in the commercial, telecoms, mining or industrial markets. Commercial Solar, Recreational Vehicles, Mobile Office, Industrial Wind, Boats, Truck, & RV Residential Solar, Emergency Vehicles, Residential Wind, Fleet & Utility Vehicles, Camping & Outdoors, Renewable Newsletter.

Main Features:

  • Durable construction for long life under extreme environmental conditions
  • Low idle current (less than 1 watt) conserves energy when no loads are present
  • Soft start capability for starting heavy loads
  • Built-in starting control circuits for two- and three-wire generator starting systems
  • Simplified controls with a snap-on cover that protects settings from being accidentally changed
  • Better thermal performance allows full output power to 50°C (122°F) without de-rating
  • High surge capacity starts more difficult loads and handles overload conditions reliably
  • Durable powder coated, corrosion resistant steel chassis
  • Automatic three-stage battery charger (bulk, absorption, and float) and battery equalization
  • New power factor corrected (PFC) charging, combined with a sophisticated multi-stage battery charging algorithm, reduces electricity draw and generator run-time
  • Pure copper transformer inside and pure copper DC terninal port outside


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