Hoppecke Solar.Bloc 12V 80Ah

Maintenance-free sealed AGM battery electrolyte fixed in glass mat 80 Ah (C100) / 12V

DC System Voltage: 12VDC

Battery capacity @ C100: 80 Ah

Battery Type: AGM

Dimension :315 x 175 x 190 mm

Weight : 24.00 kg

Life Cycle: 1500 cycles at 50% DOD


Hoppecke solar.bloc batteries are based on an optimized flat plate and an electrolyte fixed in glass mats which even take the separating function . Solar bloc batteries are maintenance free and offer a very good cycling expectancy and an efficient charge current consumption.For off-grid applications. Please note: Batteries contain heavy metals which cause damages to both human health and environment. Higher short-circuit safety even during the installation


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