Growatt 3KVA 24V Hybrid Inverter

The Growatt SPF3000TL HVM is a multifunctional off grid inverter, integrated with an MPPT charge controller, a high frequency pure sine wave inverter and a UPS function module in one machine, which is perfect for off grid backup power and self-consumption applications. It is the smartest off grid inverter that allows you take total control of energy generation and consumption. It allows for monitoring of the whole inverter system through a Mobile Phone App or Web. The App is called ShinePhone and is available on App store or Play store. Through this App, you can remotely monitor and control the usage of your Solar System. Growatt is ranked among the top 3 single phase inverter producers in the world according to IHS Market.



  • Color: white
  • Model: SPF3000TL HVM-24
  • Product Line: Sygnite Power & Energy Solutions Ltd
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 560/520/195 mm
  • Weight (kg): 8


 Easy to use, reliable, noiseless and Eco friendly.


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